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Relationships with your Adult Children
Category: Support Group
Target Population: Parenting
Service Details

Provides an opportunity for education, support, and resources for older adults grappling with relationship issues with their adult children.

In this group, parents and caregivers will build understanding around family dynamics and how they change as children develop into adults, learn how to maintain personal boundaries and communications skills to improve or support relationships with their adult children and learn how to maintain personal wellness when encountering challenging family relationships.

Participants will learn about their values when it comes to relationships with their children who are now adults. You will receive information from our experienced facilitators and be introduced to tools and information while having the chance to have group conversations with others who have similar experiences.

Village Commons (610 8 Ave SE)
May 9 - June 27 (Thursdays)

Languages: English
Cost to Client:
No charge
Eligibility Criteria
Other Criteria:
Minimum Age: 18 yrs
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