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LGBT Wellbeing Check-In Program
Good Companions
Category: Telephone Reassurance & Safety Checks
Target Population: LGBT2SQ+, Seniors, Socially Isolated
Service Details
Volunteers call clients each morning to assure people’s wellbeing and safety. Because of an identified need in the LGBT community, TGC and Ottawa Senior Pride Network (OSPN) have partnered together to develop the LGBT Wellbeing Check-in Program. This program is aimed primarily at people who are living alone. You may be healthy and active and still appreciate a check-in to remain connected and safe, or you may be more isolated, homebound and at risk. The program is open to all seniors and adults with physical disabilities, who identify as being LGBT, and who live within the Champlain Region. People also use this program for social reasons, since a call from a friendly volunteer may be a great way to start the day.
Languages: English, French
Cost to Client:
Eligibility Criteria
Other Criteria:
Minimum Age: 55 yrs
  • Clients must also be able to abide by the program guidelines and be able and willing to receive a regular call.
  • Clients must have a working telephone or another way to connect with volunteers (text, email).
  • Members of the LGBT community
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